Cold / Freezer Room Manufacturers Since 1981


Cold Rooms

cold rooms, freezer rooms  and refrigeration equipment.

Residential Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms

From small walk in chillers and freezers to large dual compartment stores.

Insulated Panels

Cold and Freezer rooms, to clients Specifications, Polyurethane / Polystyrene.

Specialised Rooms

Biltong Drying Rooms,

Dust Free Rooms,

Spray Booths,

Open Display with cold room Back Boxes.




Strip Curtains and doors made to size and fitted

Mortuary Cabinets.


Manufacture mortuary cabinets.

4 Body or 6 Body,

Body trays on wheels,

Pre refrigerater.





Eatwell Panels is a family run and owned business  and is located in Johannesburg.The main objective of our company is to provide an excellent service striving for perfection, whether it’s a new installation or maintenance on an existing installation or any Commercial refrigeration.

Our Technicians are highly qualified and have 3 generations experience at there disposal, we will ensure a high standard of workmanship and always take pride in all our work. We offer our services throughout Africa as well as outside areas on selected projects.

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WE OFFER so many options in Commercial Regrieration